CityGuide Navigation and Iran GPS map in English

CityGuide Navigation and Iran GPS map in English includes:

– Complete detailed Maps of Tehran & 105 other cities
– Iran roads complete map
– Turn-by-turn voice directions
– Mapping/route guide
– Free update
– About 1 million POI

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Google has bought Waze

In a bid to outsmart traffic, Google has bought the crowd-sourced navigation app Waze, an Israel-based start-up. The search giant reportedly paid $1.3bn (£835m), according to Reuters, although the firm did not disclose the financial terms for the deal. The Waze app combines online maps with updates from other users about traffic jams, road works…


ParkMe Android App

The US start-up, ParkMe has made their first Android application on Google Play available. The start-up aggregates real-time parking information in 1,800 cities. ParkMe shows parking rates, hours of operation, payment types, and real-time occupancy information for 28,000 off-street parking lots in the United States and Europe. ParkMe’s previously available iOS app has recently entered…


Navitel offers Navigation Maps of Western Europe

Navitel, Russian navigation software vendor has announced the availability of its maps of Western Europe. The database, based on data from Dutch map vendor AND, contains 6.1 million km of road network, 372,362 cities and municipalities, and 3.7 million POIs. The following countries are included into the package: Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Vatican, Denmark, Finland, France,…