Yelp, Local search provider is launching in Turkey

Yelp, Local search provider is launching in Turkey. People in Turkey are now able to create accounts on to share their opinions about local businesses and services. According to Yelp, its community building efforts will be initially concentrated in Istanbul. However, the full-featured site will be available to all Turks across the entire country…


Free Turn-by-Turn Navigation by TeleNav

GPS navigation software vendor TeleNav announced that their free version of Scout app for iOS now features voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation for both driving and walking directions in the United States. Until now turn-by-turn driving directions were part of the premium version that could be unlocked via in-app purchase. In addition, the driving directions include real-time…


Nokia will offer free maps

Nokia has unveiled plans to offer a free maps app on rivals’ devices. Here Maps will initially be released on Apple iOS devices offering downloadable street plans for offline use, and audio-based directions for pedestrians. Nokia is also developing a version for Mozilla’s forthcoming Firefox operating system, and will release software tools to allow third…


Most PND Owners Never Update their Maps

According to Garmin consumer survey, released last week in Germany, most Personal Navigation Device (PND) owners (64.6 percent) never update the maps on their device. There are many reasons for that, but the most common reasons are that devices owners have “no interest“ (21.5 percent), or find map updates “too expensive“ (18 percent).