22 fake Apple stores in China

Authorities in Kunming began searching out the copycats after pictures of one convincing replica were circulated on the web. An early search found five fake stores, two of which were shut down for trading without a licence. According to Chinese trade officials, 22 have been found unlawfully using Apple’s brand and logo. The investigation into…


u-blox Wins GPS Design for Samsung

u-blox, the GPS semiconductor maker announced wins design for the entire line of Samsung SEN car navigation devices, a range of hybrid PND/Tablet products that is now shipping in Korea. Samsung is using u-blox’ latest-generation GPS chip UBX-G6010-ST. This includes the SEN-410, Samsung’s most sophisticated multimedia navigator with 3D display and high-definition 7-inch touchscreen. The…


Garmin vs TomTom Market Share

TomTom and Garmin have recently released their financial earnings for the second quarter of 2011 and it shows that Garmin (the U.S. company) is eating market share on the back of its Dutch competitor, TomTom.
In the second quarter TomTom market share in Europe decreased from 47 to 45 percent.