September GPS Map Newsletter

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TomTom Places Search App in more countries

TomTom announced, its mobile local search application TomTom places is now available in five additional countries: Germany, Belgium, Portugal, and Denmark. It was already launched a few weeks ago in the Netherlands. This iPhone app includes data from several business listing providers: Gelbeseiten, De Telefoongids & Gouden Gids, De Gule Sider, Páginas Amarelas and,…


Digital/GPS map and GPS devices

The skill of navigating, whether backpacking in the remote country or traveling the urban jungle, remains vital. Knowing how to use a map and compass and the ability to read terrain are extremely useful especially when you find yourself off the beaten path. Although in as recent as three years ago, with the technological surge…


Telefónica & Masternaut Fleet Tracking Services

Telefónica the Spanish wireless operator and Masternaut an European fleet tracking leader, have signed an agreement to create joint products and services to be marketed under the Telefónica brand. Masternaut will provide fleet management services, applications, platforms and technical support, while Telefónica will contribute with its commercial network, including pre- and post-sales support, and customer…


Intel partnership with Google on Android

Chipmaker Intel – the world’s biggest chipmaker in the computer and server market – has set up a development partnership with internet giant Google to improve its mobile phone and tablet processors that run on the Android system. The move is aimed at giving Intel greater access to one of the industry’s fastest-growing segments. Demand…