Intel Acquires Telmap

Intel AppUp, announced acquisition of Israeli mobile navigation and local search provider Telmap. Telmap expertise is to provide multi-platform, turn-by-turn navigation and local search on smartphones. That is quite different from apps for Netbook and Notebook which is what is AppUp today. The AppUp strategy was made to keep a link between Intel and consumers…


NAVTEQ Maps in all Mercedes in Europe

Digital map provider NAVTEQ has announced that nearly all Daimler passenger vehicle navigation platforms in Europe will be powered by NAVTEQ maps, following the selection of their data by Daimler AG for the Mercedes E Class range and the CLS-Class model. Daimler is using NAVTEQ’s pan-European map data as well as additional map products such…


Six ways to never get lost in a city again

Many people now rely on their smartphones, sat-navs or other GPS devices to find their way around. But when these fail us, and there’s no-one to ask for directions, there’s a more natural way to navigate, says Tristan Gooley. It’s not every week that a massive solar flare knocks out the GPS network, but all…


Android Tablets No Serious Contender to iPad

According to Gartner, the market research firm, while Android is growing its market share at a fast pace in the smartphone market, it does not seem to be quite a similar trend in the tablet market. Gartner, has lowered its forecast for Android OS tablets by 28 percent from last quarter’s projection.

Nokia Slashes 1,300 Jobs

Nokia announced a new plan to “align its workforce and operations“. This plan will impact 3,500 employees, including 1,300 staff in the newly created Location & Commerce business unit that includes the former Nokia’s “social location services“ and NAVTEQ. According to Nokia press release, “As part of consolidating this business, Nokia has identified potential synergies…