Google deletes ‘RuFraud’ scam Android apps

Google has removed 22 applications from its Android Market after they were discovered to contain fraudulent software. Apps posing as popular third-party software such as Angry Birds tricked users into sending premium text messages. Google has said it swiftly removes apps that violate its security policies. Google’s Android platform is used on a large number…


Google Indoor Maps for Android

Google indoor maps for Android provides information about indoor positioning and floor level. With this addition to Google Maps the detailed floor plans automatically appear when you’re viewing the map and zoomed in on a building where indoor map data is available. The familiar “blue dot” icon indicates your location within several meters, and when…


GPS Maps October Newsletter

In October issue of GPS Maps Newsletter you can read about; Never Get Lost In A City if your GPS device fails, Our Online Customer Service, GPS shoes for Alzheimer’s patients, Looking for GPS Maps of countries in the Muddle East? Here you will find Garmin City maps, GPS/GSM Tracker, GPS & Sat Nav, Iran…


Android Tablets No Serious Contender to iPad

According to Gartner, the market research firm, while Android is growing its market share at a fast pace in the smartphone market, it does not seem to be quite a similar trend in the tablet market. Gartner, has lowered its forecast for Android OS tablets by 28 percent from last quarter’s projection.

September GPS Map Newsletter

MemNav GPS Map Newsletter for this month is covering; Digital or GPS map on GPS devices, GPS vs Sat Nav, Types of GPS, FREE GPS map and software, GPS map for Sat Nav & Mobiles, Armenia GPS map for Garmin, Photo of the Month and Recent Editions. More information