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MemNav GPS Map Newsletter October 2011

MemNav is a premier GPS map provider
with maps for countries in the Middle East ranging from Armenia to Iran, and Syria
to the United Arab Emirates. 
GPS and Sat Nav

In This Issue

» Never Get Lost In A City
» Our Online Customer Service
» GPS for Alzheimer’s patients
» Looking for GPS Maps
» Recent Editions
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GPS map vendors in Middle East
Photo Slideshows from Iran

Never Get Lost In A City

GPS mapsMany people rely on their smartphones, Sat-Navs or other GPS devices to find their way around. But when these fail and there’s no-one to ask for directions, there’s a more natural way to navigate. This involves working out which way to go without using maps, compasses or any other instruments. » Read More

Our Online Customer Service

MemNav Online Customer ServiceYou are our most valuable asset and we are willing to do whatever it takes to
help you. Don't be surprised if our CEO personally takes care of your issue.
Our 24x7 can assist you with any question related to GPS and digital maps you might have.

GPS shoes for Alzheimer’s patients

GPS shoesThe shoes are being developed by GTX Corp., which makes miniaturized Global Positioning Satellite tracking and location-transmitting technology, and Aetrex Worldwide, a footwear manufacturer. GTX Corp. believes shoes work best for Alzheimer’s patients because an Alzheimer patient might lose a device they are meant to carry and » Read More

Looking for GPS Maps

B2BWhether you are a regular visitor for business or traveler to the Middle East countries and looking for GPS maps for your GPS devices, PNDs or Smartphones, here you will find Garmin City maps, GPS/GSM Tracker, GPS & Sat Nav, Iran GPS map, Azerbaijan GPS map, Armenia GPS map and .... |
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