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Middle East GPS Maps Newsletter November 2010

MEMNAV and Iran GPS Map will issue
every month a newsletter, which will cover GPS map news, trends and market in the Middle East and Iran.

B2B Corner

B2BList your company profile and your services for free to potential partners abroad. If you are a GPS map developer or producer, GPS/GIS application developer, GPS Software developer or simply looking for, Business Partner, Project Partner, Sales and Marketing Partner‎ or distributors.
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This Month’s Issue

» Center point for Iran GPS map
» Free GPS map
» Update your GPS map
» Google Map vs Sat Nav
» Recent Editions
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Azerbaijan GPS map for Garmin
Armenia GPS map for Garmin

Iran GPS map for Garmin

Center point for Iran GPS map

Iran GPS mapEverything related to Iran GPS map. If you are looking for GPS map of Iran in different formats, shape or language or simply want to download and update the map you can do it from web site.
Also here you can download Iran GPS map for Garmin GPS, Pocket PC, PND and Smart phones. Check its compatibility with your mobile or like to find or add an interesting point, following the progress of map status and/or …
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Free GPS map

Free GPS map of International Exhibition Center in TehranIWM,, recently released a Free version of GPS map for the International Exhibition Center in 
                             Tehran for Garmin and Anroid devices.
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Outdated GPS map can be dangerous

outdated GPS map can be dangerousAn outdated GPS map directed two men to an old road that ended in the reservoir.  Since it was dark, they could
not notice water and in few minutes, 
the vehicle sank.
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Advantages of GPS Maps

Advantages of GPS MapsThere are different types of maps, a traditional paper map, an internet generated map as well as a GPS map. Amongst all these, a GPS map is perhaps the most versatile and updated one.
                       A GPS device is as good as the mapping   
                       information it holds.
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Google Map vs Sat Nav

Google Map vs Sat NavSince birth of Google Maps Navigation, some called and considered it satnav killer. To prove its validity Garmin have done an experiment. Using Google Maps on an O2 Pay As You Go tariff, the company set out to see how much a summer tour from UK would cost with only an Android phone.
Many of the well known navigation products use the mobile phone network to download maps as they go, meaning people could end up with a nasty shock   
                                 when their mobile phone bills arrive.
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